BBQ meat skewer tools 49 Holes
BBQ meat skewer tools 49 Holes
BBQ meat skewer tools 49 Holes
BBQ meat skewer tools 49 Holes
BBQ meat skewer tools 49 Holes

BBQ meat skewer tools 49 Holes

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The 49-hole barbecue skewers tool greatly improves the efficiency of barbecue skewers and greatly satisfies your appetite. The tool material is durable, safe and environmentally friendly, easy to carry, suitable for use in the kitchen, travel or camping.

49 skewer barbecue skewer artifacts, avoid the trouble of traditional skewered meat, 49 skewered meats are just out of the box

Food grade ABS material: Food grade safe plastic is used all over, easy to clean

Two colors are available: the meat wearer is available in blue and green, there is always a color that suits you
The whole is detachable: after cleaning, the whole surroundings can be disassembled and cleaned, and any corner can be easily cleaned
Steps for usage
1. First use the meat-filler cover to cut out the size of the meat-piercing device. 2. Place the cut pieces of meat in a piece of meat, about 8cm thick. 3. Put the baking sign on top from the top and reach the bottom hole. (Some difficult to wear, you can wear it under a little activity.) 4, take the cutter along the cutting knife auxiliary slot and cut in step 5 to open the box, 49 strings are done!
Suitable is OK!Improve the efficiency of wearing meat, add barbecue fun!
First let's look at the results of using a stringer:
Beautiful, neat, good roast, have appetite!

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